Transgressive placemaking through adventure, intimacy, and exploration.

The Illicit Couples' Retreat

The Wanderlust Illicit Couple's Retreat (code name "Project Vaseline") was a one-time immersive trespass theater adventure through the abandoned Penn Hills honeymoon resort in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. Seven intrepid, unsuspecting couples were taken on an intimate adventure of a sexy, swinging 1970s getaway set in the current backdrop of the resort's decay.
How would you describe a project that is part immersive theater, part designer kidnapping, and totally top secret? Awesome. That’s how. - The Awesome Foundation

Daytime photos by Ida C. Benedetto. RV photos by Ben Lowy. All else by Tod Seelie.

Instigators: Ida C. Benedetto & N. D. Austin

Chief Colluders: Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez, Myric Lehner

Crew: Amour Obscur (Matt Dallow, Dee Dee Vega, Matt Goldpaugh), Andrew Otto, Audio Smut (Kaitlin Prest and Mitra Kaboli), Dylan Thuras, Harvey Love Muscle (Evan Collier), Jason Eppink, Lisa Jamhoury & Pierre Drescher, Lois Beckett, Mike Hicks, Nicolina Art, Valerie Kuehne, Yoni Brook

Guests: Larisa Fuchs & Jesse Sheidlower, Lee-Sean Huang & DCR, Jefferson & Caitlin, Jonathan Harris & Emma Shaw Crane, Jeffery & Nicole, Dieu Nguyen & Linh, John Jarzemsky & Kristin MacDonough.

Thank you to the Awesome Foundation for making awesome possible.